Rules and Regulations

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The Rules & Regulations for the Alabama incentive program have been approved and adopted. For more detailed information click on the link (Please have your legal or tax advisors read the Rules & Regulations and how they will apply to your project)

Alabama Immigration Laws

There is an Alabama statute dealing with illegal immigration within the state that you and your company need to know about. Gaining a working knowledge of this statute is very important for your company. Unless your company is in compliance with this statute your company can not as a matter of law receive incentives from the State of Alabama. Further, there are significant penalties for noncompliance. This statute is known as the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer Incentive Act, Act No. 2011-353 (the “Act”). A copy of the Act can be provided upon request.

The Alabama Film Office recommends that you discuss the Act with your attorney and Human Resources Department. We are happy to have your company in our state. Compliance with the Act by your company will allow AFO to assist your company in receiving all available incentives without undue delay or interruption.

Child Labor Information

Child Labor Law